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Below you'll find first-hand experiences of taxpayers who have been assisted by the Wayne County Treasurer's Office. Read to learn about the excellent customer service our office offers.
  • "The Wayne County Treasurer's Office staff is extremely informative especially when they come out and visit the cities locally. It's always nice to talk with them in the community," - Willie Tolbert, Ecorse Resident.

  • "I bought a home, it was foreclosed. I was new to paying property taxes. I'm 47 now and I'm on a payment plan for back taxes for 2014, and 2015. You know, certain people get stressed out and get overwhelmed, they break down so nobody is able to get paid. I just appreciate the Wayne County Treasurer's Office staff for having patience and putting people on payment plans," - Katrina Harvey, Private Donor Recipient.

  • "I'm so grateful for the opportunity to save my home by being placed in the Interest Reduction Stipulated Payment Agreement. I come from a great lineage of family who worked hard and honestly to achieve their life goals. I've had some setbacks in life (as they did, I'm sure) but I'm striving hard to overcome them and continue being an example for those who will follow. Again, I thank you," - Brenda M. Craig, Detroit Resident

  • "To go down to the Treasurer's Office and talk to people. Well, they may not be able to talk to him one-on-one but the staff is really there to help. And I found them to be very helpful-from the 1st floor to the 5th floor. They've been very helpful," - Mary Neely, Ecorse Resident

  • "Great customer service. Mr. Sabree is doing an excellent job" - James Hearn

  • "The programs are so great. The staff are really helpful and patient. I went to set up one thing and got several things taken care of. We need to let Detroit know how great you are." - Jennifer Mcnutt, Detroit Resident

  • "The folks who work here are great!" - Brenda Collenson

  • "I thank your employee Marketa Mormon for the excellent customer service I received and displaying to me that no only service but me, the customer is the number one priority! Thank you again for listening and your patience and beautiful smile. Also thank your security man Al for all of your past and peasant service and smiles. Mr. Eric Sabree: Thank you all you do and have done to improve the Treasurer's Office." - Brenda Pruitt, Retiree- Northwest Activities Center

  • "I think the Treasurer's office is doing a great job and the kiosks are wonderful; I generally use them, so that I don't have to come downtown. So, I love that, and the next thing that I really really love is that you all have implemented texting. Yeah, I think that's awesome." - Annette Dumas, Detroit Resident

  • "If it wasn't for you guys I would have lost my home. Thanks to all the payment plans and different resources and love the facts that you guys don't want to see no one lose their home so you have different payment plans to come up with." - Niema Watson.

  • "Lines were empty, staff were very helpful and polite." - Ronald Foster

  • "Wow! It has not always been smooth at the County but I just had an outstanding experience. Ms. Ciucci really cared about our issue and went to great lengths to try to resolve it. We just haven't had as positive of an experience like this at any level of government recently." - Geoff Sypitkowski

  • "Hardly any wait time, everyone was pleasant and helpful! Great customer service! I've called in also and the lady was more than willing to answer my questions and help me out." - Wendy K.

  • "Long line but it moved fast, friendly people." - Jim Dorton

  • "On day 2 I was in and out because of the new intake lines (credit and cash). It helped everyone to move in and out quickly." - Nicole Huff

  • "Everyone was very kind and efficient." - Maria Oserhalmi

  • "Thank you. I know you are an angel. Please give to G. JaaFar." - Sharon Reyonlds

  • "Paying taxes has become very convenient and the line moves more expeditiously. Thanks for the improvements." - Jrene Ford

  • "Quick, fast and efficient. Was in and out. I like the hostess that assist you on entry. It makes the process quicker." - Shirley Jones

  • "Every time I had to go there the people were friendly and helpful. It's a saying that you can't take care of business on the phone, you have to get up and go take care of your business." - Darlene Cry

  • "They do a great job for what they have to deal with and they get people in and out pretty fast. I try to go in the morning. I had to come every month for 3 years until I paid off my back taxes from when my dad and mom passed away, so I got pretty hip to best times to go for no lines do." - Nicole Cote

  • "Fast and the cashiers can actually help you." - Kami Gray

  • "I cannot say that my experience was bad. I visited on Tuesday around 11 am and didn't stand in a single line for more than a minute. Staff had been courteous and visibly eager to help." - Mei Francis

  • "Went in sad came out smiling. Wayne County knows how to put hope and a smile back on a person face." - Ray Blair

  • "I was at your event today. I want to thank you for your assistance and dedication, and for inviting other organizations. I was highly impressed! It was very organized! I want to commend your employees for their professional service. Especially Anie Her: She assisted us today. She was very patient, kind and professional. Thanks Anie, your assistance took a weight out my shoulders!" - Rosa Valdez

  • "The WCTO and Mr. Sabree were wonderful in helping me over the years. The staff are so very friendly and knowledgeable. They were happy to help me and offered several program options to assist in paying my property taxes. I didn't feel judged or embarrassed when needing the financial assistance his office offers."- Jennifer L. Washington, (Grosse Pointe Woods, MI)

  • "I have been a property owner since 1995, As a Preschool teacher my income is not high, I also have two Special needs children, and stay with them for the summer, I have had problems paying my taxes, I always pay them using my income tax money, however I had surgeries in the past two years and this affected my income, I agree with Ms. Jennifer L. Washington, since Mr. Sabre is the Treasurer the WCTO has done more for the community than past years, they are professional, patient and treat people with respect and dignity, Thank you GOD Bless You:)"- Rosa Valdez

Anonymous comments

  • "You are very helpful and I appreciate you!!"
  • "Every time I call, you guys are so nice & helpful."
  • "Thank you! I greatly appreciate the IRSPA reminder!"
  • "Thank you for your gentle kindness."
  • "OMG, phone answered on the first ring! Thank you, Cynthia, for being so polite and having such a positive attitude."
  • "I'm one of several tenants, homeowners, etc. who's been involved with the difficulty with property tax maintenance. I've witnessed the terrible consequence to tax delinquency. Afraid and unsure of my own existence and at the time I felt neither I nor anything else mattered. Then along came Mr. Sabree. He has put in place affordable housing. He is human! He understands our plight. He has given us our homes, or dignity and our security. We are very blessed to have him. He is in touch and gets it. Thanks Mr. Sabree."