Below you'll find first-hand experiences of taxpayers who have been assisted by the Wayne County Treasurer's Office. Read to learn about the excellent customer service our office offers.
  • "The Wayne County Treasurer's Office staff is extremely informative especially when they come out and visit the cities locally. It's always nice to talk with them in the community," - Willie Tolbert, Ecorse Resident.

  • "I bought a home, it was foreclosed. I was new to paying property taxes. I'm 47 now and I'm on a payment plan for back taxes for 2014, and 2015. You know, certain people get stressed out and get overwhelmed, they break down so nobody is able to get paid. I just appreciate the Wayne County Treasurer's Office staff for having patience and putting people on payment plans," - Katrina Harvey, Private Donor Recipient.

  • "I'm so grateful for the opportunity to save my home by being placed in the Interest Reduction Stipulated Payment Agreement. I come from a great lineage of family who worked hard and honestly to achieve their life goals. I've had some setbacks in life (as they did, I'm sure) but I'm striving hard to overcome them and continue being an example for those who will follow. Again, I thank you," - Brenda M. Craig.

  • "To go down to the Treasurer's Office and talk to people. Well, they may not be able to talk to him one-on-one but the staff is really there to help. And I found them to be very helpful-from the 1st floor to the 5th floor. They've been very helpful," - Mary Neely.

  • "Great customer service. Mr. Sabree is doing an excellent job" - James Hearn

  • "The programs are so great. The staff are really helpful and patient. I went to set up one thing and got several things taken care of. We need to let Detroit know how great you are." - Jennifer Mcnutt

Anonymous comments

  • "You are very helpful and I appreciate you!!"
  • "Every time I call, you guys are so nice & helpful."
  • "Thank you! I greatly appreciate the IRSPA reminder!"
  • "Thank you for your gentle kindness."
  • "OMG, phone answered on the first ring! Thank you, Cynthia, for being so polite and having such a positive attitude."
  • "I'm one of several tenants, homeowners, etc. who's been involved with the difficulty with property tax maintenance. I've witnessed the terrible consequence to tax delinquency. Afraid and unsure of my own existence and at the time I felt neither I nor anything else mattered. Then along came Mr. Sabree. He has put in place affordable housing. He is human! He understands our plight. He has given us our homes, or dignity and our security. We are very blessed to have him. He is in touch and gets it. Thanks Mr. Sabree."