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Wayne County Green Schools

Together, Wayne County and Your School can build a better environment!

Welcome to Wayne County's 16th year of the Michigan Green School program!

Wayne County continues to showcase our school's environmental leadership, while encouraging students, staff, and parents to improve energy conservation and become environmental stewards. Public Act 301 (2010) is the updated and revised P.A. 146 (2006) encourages all public and private schools to voluntarily implement energy saving and environmental activities and become recognized as a Michigan Green School.

The Wayne County Department of Public Services Environmental Services Division (DPS-ESD) continues to implement this program and recognize schools that achieve 10 or more energy saving and environmental activities in an academic year. The activities are set up in categories: Recycling, Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, and Miscellaneous. This is an annual recognition, so schools must re-apply each year to remain a Wayne County Michigan Green School. All schools recognized as a Wayne County Michigan Green School will receive an indoor/outdoor Michigan Green Schools banner and a certificate signed by the Wayne County CEO to proudly display as your school continues its efforts to reduce energy usage, recycle and protect Michigan's natural resources.

Wayne County schools can achieve the following Green School Designations, depending on the number of specified energy saving and environmental activities are completed.

Designation of Activities / Points
Green 10-14 Points
Emerald 15-19 Points
Evergreen 20+ Points

If you have any questions, contact Susan Thompson by email at or by phone at 734-326-5515.

New and Important Information - Green School Applications

2023-2024 Green Schools Application Information
Wayne County adopted the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Environment (EGLE) Green Schools application and online application procedure. Schools seeking a Green School designation are required to submit the application through the EGLE Green Schools online portal. The online portal for the 2023-2024 school year is open for submitting applications from January 1, 2024, through March 3, 2024.

The draft application may be used to record Green School activities and then cut and paste from that document into the online portal. Applications submitted by email or Google Docs links to the Wayne County Green Schools coordinator will not be accepted and will be returned to the respective school. Click on the link below to download the draft Green School application (Word document) :

Draft Green School Application with instructions

Click on the link below to visit to the Michigan Green Schools portal:

Once the application submission is completed via the online portal, the Wayne County Green Schools coordinator receives notice that an application was received and ready for review. Once the application is reviewed and the designation assigned, an automated e-mail will notify the respective school contacts of that designation. The points required for each Green School are unchanged from previous years. EGLE issues a Green School Certificate, and your school location is placed on the Michigan Green Schools map. There is an opportunity to purchase a Green School flag and or a window cling. Purchase of these items can be specified in the application. An image of the Green School flag available from EGLE is on the Michigan Green Schools Application website at the link listed above.

Green School Contacts

Susan Thompson - Wayne County Green School Coordinator
phone: 734-326-5515

Eileen Boekestein - EGLE Green Schools Coordinator

If technical issues arise with access to the portal or submitting the application, please contact:
Kate Berg - EGLE Graphics Information Systems Lead

Wayne County Green School Teacher Receives National Award

Michael Craig, a special education teacher and horticulture program instructor at the Charles R. Drew Transition Center in the Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD). Charles Drew Transition Center is a certified Green School for the last 9 years, earning an Evergreen award eight out of nine years.

Mr. Craig and the Charles R. Drew Transition Center earned national recognition from the American Horticulture Society for his work to improve the quality of life for his students and the community. Please click here to view the award announcement. Please click here for the Detroit News article about Mr. Craig.

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