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Wayne County Green Schools

Together, Wayne County and Your School can build a better environment!

Welcome to Wayne County's 13th year of the Michigan Green School program. Wayne County will continue to showcase our school's environmental leadership, while encouraging students, staff, and parents to improve energy conservation and become environmental stewards. Public Act 301 (2010), is the updated and revised P.A. 146 (2006) which encourages all public and private schools to voluntarily implement energy saving and environmental activities and become recognized as a Michigan Green School.

The Wayne County Department of Public Services (DPS) and partner Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency (Wayne RESA) will again implement this program and recognize schools that achieve 10 or more energy saving and environmental activities in an academic year. The activities are set up in categories: Recycling, Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, and Miscellaneous. A fifth category allows you to Propose Your Own Activity. This is an annual recognition, so schools must re-apply each year to remain a Wayne County Michigan Green School. All schools recognized as a Wayne County Michigan Green School will receive a large indoor/outdoor Michigan Green Schools banner and a certificate signed by the County CEO to proudly display as your school continues to work to reduce energy costs and protect Michigan's precious natural resources.

New and Important Information

  • The current Michigan Green Schools program specifies 27 energy saving and environmental activities that schools can complete toward certification as a Michigan Green School.
  • Additional credit (up to 1 additional point) MAY be awarded to schools that provide evidence of student learning as well as higher levels of complexity and effort in the planning and execution of the activity/project.
  • The school coordinator or team leader must complete the Activity Verification Form (or similar format) with proper documentation describing how the school will perform the activities.
  • Schools must adhere to the categories and activities as described in the application, which are included in P.A. 301 (2010).
  • Wayne County schools can achieve the following Green School Designations, depending on the number of specified energy saving and environmental activities they complete:
Designation of ActivitiesPoints to Complete
Green10-14 Points
Emerald15-19 Points
Evergreen20+ Points

If you have any questions, contact Susan Thompson by email at or by phone at 734-326-5515.

2019 Green School Logo Design Contest Winner

Congratulations to Aafiyah Bustani, a 5th grader from Oakman Elementary School in Dearborn!

The winner is Aafiyah Bustani, a 5th grader from Oakman Elementary School in Dearborn. Her logo did the best at representing the Wayne County Michigan Green Schools Program. The intent of the Green Schools Program is to encourage students to participate in activities which help them learn about preserving natural resources, protect the environment and promote energy efficiency and savings. Aafiyah's logo shows this with Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, wildlife protection and a healthy green outdoors.