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Complaints & Inquiries

Mortgage & Deed Fraud Unit
If you suspect property fraud on a specific property including Property Tax, Deed or Mortgage Fraud, Squatters, or other Property Theft please contact the Mortgage & Deed Fraud Unit.
Submit a Property Complaint
Fraud and Corruption Investigation Unit
To make a report of Fraud or Corruption by a Wayne County Employee or vendor, please contact the Fraud and Corruption Investigation Unit.
Report Fraud or Corruption
Constituent Relations
The Constituent Relations Coordinator is a point of contact between the Office of the County Executive and all persons who have a comment, question, or concern about the operations of a County department or conduct of a County employee.
Contact Constituent Relations
Water Quality Complaints
WQMD Complaint Investigation services include an initial site visit, repeat site visits and investigation, water quality sampling as appropriate, and additional services needed leading to the elimination of verified illicit discharges.
Contact Water Quality Mgmt
Road Complaints
Did you just hit a man-eating pothole or dodge a mattress on a freeway that fell off a truck? Maybe you just passed through an intersection where the traffic signal wasn't working or saw a missing stop sign. We want to know about it so we can take care of it.
Submit a Road Hazard Complaint
Ethics Board
Any Wayne County employee/public servant or resident is encouraged to report any instances of unethical behavior by a Wayne County employee or elected official to the Wayne County Ethics Board for further investigation.
Contact the Ethics Board
Contact Your Commissioner
Find and Reach out to your elected County Representative.
Contact your Commissioner