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Working Remotely FAQ's

What is a Web Browser?
A web browser or browser is an application for accessing information on the internet. Common browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari
Can I remote into my County desktop computer?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Employees must use a Wayne County laptop or utilize VPN/VDI.
Can I access files on my desktop?
Documents saved on your desktop are not accessible remotely. Please utilize the space provided within Document Management/LiveLink to save files which need to be accessed remotely.
Can I access my shared drive through the VPN?
No, you will not be able to access a County shared drive through VPN.
When I log into VDI, why does my desktop look different from my PC at the County?
A Virtual Desktop is a different computer from the one on your desk at the County. It will have icons in different places and will not have files you have saved locally on your PC, but it will have access to the County network and necessary County software.
Do I need remote access to check my email?
No, all County employees can access email remotely at