Michigan Small Business Relief Grant

Michigan Small Business Relief Grant

The grant application is closed as of April 6, 2020.

Our small business community is very important to us and we continue to look for ways to support you through these difficult times.

We received an overwhelming amount of applications for the Michigan Small Business Relief Program, funded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

We received over 3,000 applications for the combined Detroit & Wayne County application program, approximately 1,500 of the applications were outside of the City of Detroit. We would require over $8 million dollars to cover the need of all applicants; however, we only received $1,600,000 in grant funding to split between Wayne County communities.

Per the guidance provided by the state & MEDC all applications were scored on a 100-point scale weighed around the following factors:

· Business located on major business corridor

· Percentage of lost revenue

· Age of business

· Profitability over the last 3 years

· Total Number of employees during the last 3 years

Each application was objectively scored following the above criteria 3 times by 3 different individuals. Applications were scored at least once by a member of our team of Business Development Managers at Wayne County, and additional scores were provided by representatives from our local municipalities - ranging from representatives from your local chambers of commerce to city managers.

Availability of grants was limited by availability of funds, as the State only allocated $800,000 for Wayne County communities outside of Detroit. The top scoring applicants who demonstrated a need that could be addressed within the range of the MEDC grant - which is capped at $10,000, were selected to receive a grant given they could provide the proper documentation of good standing with the State. We were not able to offer grants to all applicants not necessarily because they did not meet the minimum criteria, but rather because we did not have enough funds to award 1,500 applicants with grants of at least $2,500 each.

If you were not awarded, we encourage you to continue applying for other programs available as we consider this only one small piece of the support for our businesses. You can find more resources on our COVID-19 resource page. We will continue to update as more resources become available.

Additionally, we encourage you to reach out to your Business Development Manager via e-mail. You can find their contact information and the region they represent here.

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