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Juvenile and Youth Services Programs Highlighted by WXYZ
WXYZ's Kimberly Craig gets a rare inside look at the Juvenile Justice System in Wayne County. This is the first time cameras have been allowed inside Wayne County's Juvenile Detention Facility, where each child or teenager gets their own room, clean clothing, three meals a day, and a strict schedule.

This is the first in a weekly series highlighting Wayne County's Juvenile and Youth Services Programs that care for young offenders during a time of transition and uncertainty. From detention to diversion to placement, Craig will share the real story around the services provided to young people in difficult circumstances.

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Wayne County youth that find themselves in trouble with the law aren't doomed to the system. There is hope and a second chance. WXYZ continues its series on Juvenile Justice with a profile of one young lady and her path to productive and positive lifestyle through the Right TRAC Program: a collaborative effort between the Wayne County Prosecutors Office and Wayne County Juvenile and Youth Services.