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Juvenile & Youth Services

The Juvenile Services Division strengthens community safety by providing a range of intervention and treatment services to juveniles and their families. The Department has full responsibility for planning, care, supervision, and payment for juvenile justice services within this jurisdiction until the supervising court terminates enrollment.

Warrant Enforcement Bureau

The Department's Warrant Enforcement Bureau (WEB), provides enforcement and investigative services to the various programs provided by the Department. WEB's mission is to provide effective law enforcement and security services for all Juvenile and Youth Services programs.

Juvenile Detention Facility

The Department of Juvenile and Youth Services Juvenile Detention Facility (WCJDF) provides safe, secure and humane detention services to juveniles pending completion of legal proceedings. Juveniles housed at JDF are awaiting adjudication, sentencing or placement. Educational services through an on-site charter school, on and off site medical services, on-site dental services, mental health services, appropriate recreational activities, counseling and behavior management activities are provided to young people housed in the Juvenile Detention Facility.

There are many opportunities to volunteer your time and mentor resdients within the WCJDF. The Holiday Adopt-a-Pod program is among them. Click below to learn more.

Holiday Adopt-a-Pod