Soldiers & Sailors Relief

Honorably discharged, war-time veterans and their families are assisted by Wayne County Soldiers & Sailors Relief and Michigan Veteran Trust Funds through the following services:
  • Burial assistance for eligible veterans and their spouses;
  • Reimbursement of foundation costs to put a Veterans Administration marker on the graves of eligible veterans;
  • Non-recurring financial assistance for eligible veterans or their surviving spouses;
  • Assisting other agencies in better-assisting veterans;
  • Answering questions about veteran-related programs for veterans and the general public.

The Soldiers & Sailors Relief and Michigan Veteran Trust Funds provide for the temporary relief of honorably discharged indigent veterans of the United Armed Forces. Those with recognized wartime service dates, [including women's auxiliaries] and indigent wives, husbands, widows, widowers, minor children and mothers who have a minimum of one day of wartime service.

The need of each case is evaluated and the extent of aid to be granted is determined. In addition to the above, this division interviews, counsels and interacts with other human service, federal, state, county and city agencies. They also coordinate services with privately funded agencies to bring relief to the client.

Outreach service is also offered by the Soldiers & Sailors Relief and Michigan Veteran Trust Funds Organizations. Groups desiring more information about services offered may schedule a representative to come out to your location for a presentation.