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Frequently Asked Questions About The Grosse Ile Bridge Closure
We recognize the closure of the Grosse Ile Bridge for safety reasons has created inconveniences for residents. Wayne County is committed to communicating information about this process. We will provide updated new information as it becomes available.
  • Had this closure been planned for a while or was this decision made at the last-minute due to safety concerns? When was Grosse Ile residents notified of the pending closure?
    • The temporary closure for the Grosse Ile Parkway Bridge was not planned but was an expedient response, in the interest of safety, to preliminary inspection results the County received from our bridge consultant about deck deterioration. Wayne County acted proactively to close the bridge as safety to the residents and motorists is our top priority. The County issued a written alert about the closure around 4:30 p.m. on November 13th.
  • When was the last inspection completed?
    • On August 30th the consultant completed collecting data about the condition of the Grosse Ile Bridge during onsite inspections (Aug. 26-Aug 30) This included structural, mechanical and electrical inspections.
    • Thereafter, the consultant conducted a detailed analysis, measurements and calculations to determine the current condition of the bridge.
    • On October 1, the consultant identified some deficiencies that would require recalculations of load ratings within 90 days. The consultant indicated that no immediate action was required at that time.
    • Late afternoon on November 12, Wayne County Roads Engineer received notice from the consultant that the bridge's load rating was being reduced from 26 tons to 0 tons.
    • That change resulted in the County closing the bridge on November 13.

  • Explain exactly what the issue is with the bridge that caused the closure? Where it is located on the bridge?
    • During the consultant's detailed analysis, deficiencies were found in several floor beams decking on the stationary side (Trenton).

  • When will repair work begin on the temporary closure?

Work has begun today with staging based on preliminary designs. Next week, the County expects to have a final design plan, which will determine the extent of the repairs and an estimated timeline for opening the bridge.

  • Wasn't there supposed to be construction work done on the bridge this year?
    • Grosse Ile bridge construction will be split into two phases. The first phase (pier and foundation improvements) was slated for design planning in November of this year. However, due to a cost prohibitive bid from only one bidder, we are now re-bidding this work.
    • Wayne County is also moving forward with the design process to improve the superstructure and the barrier piers at the center pier of the swing bridge. This is the second phase of the construction and is anticipated to begin in 2020 construction season.
  • Who is responsible for traffic control and who notified the Toll Bridge of the closure?
    • The County is working with the Toll Bridge owner to help alleviate congestion by providing signage creating separate lanes for motorists that have tokens and motorists that have cash. This should help with some traffic control.