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Clerk Cathy M. Garrett Welcomes Transparency Through Cutting-Edge Online Campaign Finance System

(Wayne County, MI) - In an effort spearheaded by Wayne County Clerk Cathy M. Garrett, Wayne County will be implementing a brand new, state-of-the-art campaign finance system.

Because Clerk Garrett serves as the Chief Elections Official for the largest county in Michigan, she is directly responsible for the oversight and enforcement of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act, which entails processing nearly 3,000 filers who run for elected office at both the citywide and countywide levels.

In order to properly unveil this new system, Clerk Garrett will be hosting a series of training events with the product vendor present during the week of August 22, 2011. All local elected officials, as well as the general public, are invited to attend, and your presence is imperative.

Not only will this new system provide increased transparency to the public when it comes to campaign finance, it leapfrogs all other systems in Michigan. While other counties have online systems that require at least one in-person visit from a user, this system is wholly digitalized.

System-users can both access and file records with a simple click of the mouse, while innovative Web-based data calculation will maintain timely and accurate filings.

"This new system will allow anyone and everyone to easily access the campaign finance information they are looking for," said Clerk Garrett. "It will also provide candidates with an easy method for filing their reports. We are very excited about sharing this online system with the community through these upcoming training sessions."

Since taking office, the implementation of this state-of-art system has been a key initiative for Clerk Garrett. Through a diligent and competitive bidding process with PCC Technology Group, Clerk Garrett has been able to ensure that Wayne County residents receive the best version of this system out there.

"We are very proud of the fact that we will now have the most cutting-edge online campaign finance system around," said Clerk Garrett. "This system will streamline the campaign finance process, and eliminate the inconvenience associated with the previous paper-filing method."