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Teen's drawing will be displayed at the United States Capitol

WHEREAS, It is uith great plenure that we , the m embas of the Wayne County C ommission, p to reco gnize and bestow due honor upon JOELLE JOYNER of Detroit, Michigan, who will have one of her onginal drawings, "Fin de I ("End of Summer") displayed for one year at the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C., beginning in July 2016; and

WHEREAS , Competing ag ainst m ore than 40 other student in Mic higan 's 14th Congressional District , the ".ork of JOELLE JOYNER was chosen as the best, and will be among 435 pieces of art displayed at the Capitol, proudly representing the district of Congresswoman Brenda Laurence; and

WHEREAS, JOELLE JOYNER, 16, describes "Fin de I 'e'te'" as a starlight lily against a dark green leaf, and created the artwork in a drawing class taught by SLEan Smith at Mercy High School in Farmington Hills, Michigan, where Joelle will be entering the 112 grade this fall; and

WHEREAS , JOELLE JOYNER develope d an interet in drawing as a 52-grade student , and she hæ been I ovingly enc ouraged by her parent, Michelle and William , who purchase her supplies. Her older brothers, Jamal and Julian, also have an interest in an; and

WHEREAS , In addition to art , JOELLE JOYNER also enjoys history and reading , is a published poet , speaks Chinese and Spanish, volunteers at Children's Hospital of Michigan in Detroit, and is involved with the Green Club and varsity equestrian team; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the Wayne County Commision recognizes and congratulates JOELLE JOYNER for this prestigious honor; and, further, be it

RESOLVED , On this 7 day of July 2016 , that this resolution be spread at I eng th up on the journal of this day's proceedings to endure as a lasting record of acknowledgement and celebration for the creativity displayed by JOELLE JOYNER May future endeavors continue to be filled with success