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Wayne County Commission Vice-Chair Alisha Bell, D-Detroit, recently accompanied a select group of county government leaders to Washington, D.C., and the 12 th annual County Leadership Institute, a rigorous six-day program developed by the National Association of Counties (NACo) and Cambridge Leadership Associates. The institute pressed the 25 county officials attending to consider innovative approaches to address key issues facing their respective counties and constituents.

"The County Leadership Institute provided a hands-on professional development experience that will help us accomplish our goals in Wayne County," Vice-Chair Bell said. "This was a unique opportunity to learn from experts and work with other county leaders as we strengthen our skills to tackle some of the great challenge we face."

The program - made possible with the support of IBM, NACo's Financial Services Center and the National Council of County Association Executives - provided tools to encourage innovation and creativity; resources for invigorating organizational culture; and best practices in effective communication, collaboration and decision-making.

Known for enhancing the capacity of county officials to identify and implement innovative solutions to the complex challenges, this year's program focused on the demands of the personal leadership in the modern era of government.

"It was a worthwhile experience and one that I was very fortunate to attend," ViceChair Bell said. "As we move forward in Wayne County, we need to find solutions to combat the economic challenges facing those communities we represent. By taking a bolder course of action, we can find creative and innovative solutions to benefit all Wayne County residents."