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With the beginning of the new fiscal year upon us on Oct. 1, 2016, the Wayne County Commission is currently involved in budget hearings with every department. I have been in close contact with members of the Commission's Committee on Ways and Means during their proceedings to approve the administration's proposed budget, which totals $1.5 billion for FY 2016-17.

The steps we take over the next few weeks in ensuring a balanced budget are vital to the county's pursuit for a financially strong future. Roads and parks, public safety, the county's justice center and an updated technology infrastructure are just a few of the areas my colleagues and I will examine very carefully to ensure that spending aligns with revenues and that we become more efficient in better serving the residents and businesses of Wayne County.

My policy has always been to maintain an open line of dialogue between myself and the communities I serve. I will continue to be accessible and open to creative ideas and solutions.

Please feel free to contact me at or call me anytime at 313-224-0944.

Al Haidous
Wayne County Commissioner