Wayne County Commissioner Martha G. Scott has been selected to serve in a leadership position with the National Foundation for Women Legislators, the nation's oldest non-partisan organization representing female elected officials at the city, state and county level.

Scott, D-Highland Park, was appointed to the organization's nominating committee. In that position, she will help appoint future foundation leaders through the 2017 Board of Directors slate, ensuring that nominees represent the NFWL's general membership in terms of geography, office held and party affiliation. The nominating committee also helps appoint members and chairs to NFWL committees.

"I'm honored to have been selected, especially with regard to the organization's mission and history," Scott said. "I know it will be an important year."

Elected officials from throughout the U.S. will meet at the NFWL Annual Conference, to be held Nov. 14-18 in Minneapolis. At the conference, they will discuss a series of pressing issues facing the country in non-partisan fashion, share constituent concerns, build coalitions and develop innovative solutions to pressing problems.

Carrie Ruud, a member of the Minnesota Senate and this year's NFWL chair, said the organization was pleased that Scott accepted a position on its nominating committee.

"She will play a crucial role in the continued success of the NFWL as we embark on our most exciting year yet," Ruud said.

Based in Alexandria, Va., the NFWL is a non-profit, non-partisan organization deigned to empower female elected officials by sharing their ideas and experience. It does not take ideological positions on policy issues. Additional information on the organization is available at