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Commissioner Clark-Coleman is named to airport board of directors

On Feb. 6, I received an incredible honor from my fellow Wayne County commissioners when they unanimously named me to the Commission's seat on the Wayne County Airport Authority board of directors. The Authority, which meets monthly, operates Detroit Metropolitan and Willow Run airports.

It is a tremendous responsibility, one that I really wanted and am looking forward to as the Commission's voice on the seven-member board. I promised my fellow commissioners that I would make them proud.

The airports are critical to Wayne County's economy. From the more than 32 million passengers who used Metro in 2013 to the more than 440 million pounds of cargo that's shipped annually, you see the awesome responsibility that comes with being on the board, which lives by the motto, "Making the world available."

The Authority's mission statement is, "To operate safe, secure and dynamic air transportation facilities for our customers, creating economic vitality by providing global travel, cargo and business opportunities." Its core values are teamwork, accountability, customer satisfaction, employee respect, integrity and diversity.

Metro is by far the state's largest and busiest airport, while Willow Run - a short drive west of Metro along I-94 - handles cargo and also serves corporate and general aviation clients. A 2014 University of Michigan-Dearborn study showed that Metro itself has a $10.2 billion economic impact on the entire state.

I'm replacing former Commissioner Kevin McNamara. The term on the Authority expires Oct. 1, 2018, though my current two-year term on the Commission expires Dec. 31, 2016.

My fellow Authority board members are Chairman Michael Jackson Sr., Vice-Chair Suzanne Hall, Nabih Ayad, Michael Garavaglia, Ronald Hall Jr. and Reginald Turner. Together, we are managing a $362.5 million budget and working to ensure that Metro and Willow Run continue to be a driving force in Wayne County's economy while offering a first-class customer experience.

When Metro and Willow Run airports win, everyone in Wayne County wins.

Irma Clark-Coleman
Wayne County Commissioner