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Wayne County Commission adopts transparency measure

The Wayne County Commission today approved a transparency measure that will become part of its Rules of Procedure. The rules, which govern how the commission operates, were approved by the commission today at its full board meeting.

"Being very open and transparent has been a pledge of mine since being selected to lead the commission in January by my colleagues," said Wayne County Commission Chair Alisha R. Bell (D-Detroit). "While we are already open and transparent, I believe there is more we can do going forward."

The commission adopted the following wording in its rules: The commission will conduct its business in a manner that promotes an environment of transparency and openness.

One of Bell's top priorities as the new commission chair is to study how other governmental bodies across the region are open and transparent.

"We are looking for best practices regarding how we manage and share our agendas, retain our records and improve accessibility for the public," Bell said. "We will do a thorough due diligence over the coming months and begin implementing systematic changes later this year."