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PLYMOUTH - August 1, 2022 - Alanna Maguire, president of the non-profit Fair Michigan Foundation, today announced the appointment of Kam Towns as the new Special Prosecutor of the Fair Michigan Justice Project. "Ms. Towns recently retired from a brilliant, 30-year career in the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office," said Maguire. "She has the perfect combination of experience, empathy, and determination to handle our Justice Project prosecutions. We are so fortunate that she is committed and available to do this vital work."

Begun in 2016, the Justice Project is a collaboration between Fair Michigan and prosecutor's offices in Wayne, Ingham, Washtenaw, and Oakland counties. Fair Michigan provides a Special Investigator, a Victim's Advocate, and a Special Prosecutor to investigate and prosecute serious bias crimes committed against members of the LGBTQ community, including murder, sexual and felonious assault, robbery, and extortion.

During her tenure at the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, Towns tried hundreds of cases involving homicides and other serious crimes and managed the office's Community Prosecutions Unit and the Homicide Unit. "I am excited to have the opportunity to join the Justice Project and devote my expertise to crimes against the LGBTQ communities in our partner counties." "Kam is the perfect choice to take on these cases. I have full faith and confidence in her. She is an extremely competent prosecutor with over 30 years of experience," said Prosecutor Kym Worthy. "I am excited that she will take these cases on and that there will be a seamless transition. This is great news for Fair Michigan and Wayne County's LGBTQ community."

Fair Michigan's Maguire noted "Since July 2016, the Justice Project has seen great success, with a 100% conviction rate in over thirty completed cases including some of Detroit's most brutal cold-case homicides involving LGBTQ victims. After six years, not only are we succeeding in bias crime prosecution, but the Justice Project is helping law enforcement to close other cases involving non-bias incidents because of the relationships we have built."

The Justice Project's first Special Prosecutor, Jaimie Powell Horowitz, served until she was elected as judge in Oak Park's 45th District Court in late 2020. Since then, the Justice Project coordinated with prosecutions by the county prosecutors and the Hate Crimes Unit in the Michigan Attorney General's office. "Now, Kam Towns will allow us to focus our special proficiency on each case involving LGBTQ victims in our four counties," Maguire said.

Fair Michigan is a non-profit corporation seeking to end discrimination against persons based on sex, sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity.