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National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators
Press Release
May 28, 2019

Michigan Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Receives National Traffic Safety Award

The National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators (NAPC) has selected Jennifer Douglas, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Wayne County, Michigan, as the recipient of its 2019 National Traffic Safety Prosecutor of the Year Award.

The NAPC provides leadership, training, legislative advocacy and support services for America's state and local prosecutors. NAPC, in cooperation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), presents this annual award to an outstanding prosecutor who has worked tirelessly to save lives in impaired driving and vehicular homicide cases.

Kym L. Worthy, the Prosecuting Attorney in Wayne County, Michigan said, "Jennifer is detailed, deliberate, methodical, and extremely dedicated to these cases. She is up before dawn and still working after sunset. I am so proud that her home and work base is in Wayne County."

Ms. Douglas was nominated by office mate Anna Posigian, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney assigned to the Homicide Unit. Posigian wrote that, "Jennifer is assigned to the Homicide Unit - Fatal Case. Until very recently, she was a unit of one." Despite having another prosecutor taking part of the caseload, Jennifer "continues to carry the lion's share." Posigian described Douglas' many responsibilities and attributes:

Ø Douglas is responsible for reviewing every single warrant submitted involving a motor vehicle (from cars to garbage trucks to backhoes) and a fatality from every agency within Wayne County.

Ø She works with more than fifty cities and townships, as well as university and state police, and the sheriff's department.

Ø She reviews all cases whether an offender is charged with a felony or misdemeanor, or charges are denied.

Ø Her reviews often involve hours of surveillance, scout car, body-worn camera and interview videos, reams of medical records, extensive police reports and witness statements, medical examiner reports and photos, and whatever other information might be available and relevant.

Ø She also makes court appearances in felony circuit and city district courts, and she communicates and meets with victims' families and defense attorneys.

Posigian added that Douglas is especially compassionate when dealing with victims. "Considering that these families have an incredibly difficult time dealing with the unexpected and shocking loss of their loved one, Douglas displays great patience and kindness, and often talks with the same family members, answering the same questions every day. Through it all, Douglas treats everyone with dignity and respect regardless of whether they are the family members of a victim, police officers, defense attorneys or co-workers." Douglas "routinely comes in early and stays well into the evening to ensure her cases are properly prepared for hearing or trial, that the families are informed of all stages of the proceedings, and that her warrant reviews are thoroughly completed," Posigian said. "Despite working incredibly long hours for wholly inadequate pay, and her stresses at home, Jennifer is always upbeat and positive. She has a sharp wit, and can find humor in even the most frustrating of circumstances. Every day, she goes above and beyond to keep the streets of Wayne County as safe as possible for all travelers and pedestrians, and does it with a smile on her face."

CONTACT: Michael R. Galantino
NAPC Executive Director(610) 506-0201