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Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy has charged Mitchelle Angela Blair, 35, of Detroit, in connection with two children discovered in a freezer in her home in the 800 block of on St. Aubin Street in Detroit. On March 24, 2015 at 10:45 a.m., Detroit Police Officers were called to Blair's apartment because two bodies were discovered during a court ordered eviction. The frozen bodies were identified as Blair's 13-year-old daughter, Stoni Ann Blair, and her nine-year-old son,* Stephen Gage Berry. The remains were taken to the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office to determine the cause and manner of death. The defendant has a 17-year-old daughter and an eight-year-old son that were living with her who were taken into protective custody yesterday.

Blair has been charged with two counts of Felony Murder (mandatory life without parole), two Counts of Premeditated Murder (mandatory life without parole), two counts of Torture (any term of years up to life), and four counts of Child Abuse First Degree, a 15-year felony. She has also been charged with one count of Committing Child Abuse First Degree in the Presence of Another Child, a felony, with a penalty of life or any term of years. The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office is continuing the investigation regarding the deaths of Stoni Blair and Steven Berry while waiting for the autopsy report from the Wayne County Medical Examiner.

"The alleged facts in this case present examples of why we must all be diligent and involved citizens. A good way to protect society's children is to be alert and look out for your neighborhood youth, refuse to look the other way, and report what you know, when necessary. Even though we are issuing these charges today, this tragic case remains under investigation," said Prosecutor Worthy.

Blair will be arraigned on the amended charges at the probable cause hearing that is scheduled for April 2, 2015 at 8:30 a.m. before Judge Kenneth King.

NOTE: Regarding Stoni Blair and Stephen Berry: 13 and 9 is the age of the children at time of death and 15 and 11 the ages they would be now if they were still alive.

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