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On May 28, 2015 at approximately 4:30 p.m., Trenton Police were called to a home in the 2800 block of Longmeadow in Trenton to check on the welfare of Kyle Baker, 18, of Trenton. The police were contacted by high school officials because Baker was reported to have exhibited erratic and paranoid behavior before leaving the campus. Baker's family also corroborated that Baker exhibited out of character behavior leading up to the incident. To make extra money, Baker ran a small business out of the porch area of the home, sharpening lawn mower blades, as well as mowing neighborhood lawns. While at the home, two officers secured the residence; two other officers entered the house and saw Baker at the bottom of the basement stairs, armed with a two foot long lawn mower blade. Baker climbed up the basement stairs toward the officers. He was ordered to stop and drop the weapon several times, but he kept advancing on the officers.

As Baker continued toward the officers, one officer used a taser on him twice, with little effect. The other officer used a taser a third time. Baker attacked and cut the second officer in the hand with the lawn mower blade. The officer received a serious wound on his hand. The injured officer fell back and, as Baker continued to advance, the officer fired one shot in self-defense. Baker was taken to a local hospital where he expired from a gunshot wound to the abdomen. The officer was also taken for treatment at a hospital for a deep laceration of the hand. The wound inflicted by Baker on the officer was approximately four inches long and one and a half inches deep.

An extensive investigation was conducted by the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office Public Integrity Unit. The investigation included civilians, police and medical witnesses. Witness statements, photographic evidence of the scene, and medical records were also reviewed. As a result of this investigation, it has been determined that no charges will issue in this case because the evidence supports the officer acted in lawful self-defense and in defense of others.

"In this case, the officers not only acted in self defense and defense of others, but no shots were fired until after the decedent had seriously injured one of the officers with a lawnmower blade and kept advancing. As a result, no charges against any officer will be issued," said Prosecutor Worthy.

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