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Charges Denied Against DFA President Michael Nevin

On December 18, 2018, Prosecutor Kym Worthy was presented with a warrant request by the Detroit Police Department (DPD) for Detroit Fire Department (DFD) Captain Michael Nevin, who is president of the Detroit Firefighters Association. DPD contended that Captain Nevin violated the law when he allegedly posted 21 Fire Department Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) reports, to both the Detroit Fire Union Facebook account, and his personal Facebook account, that contained identifying information for two potential witnesses to a fatal shooting that occurred on November 23, 2018. It is alleged that Capt. Nevin released the CAD reports to show the slow response time by DPD to 911 calls.

After a thorough review of the facts and evidence in the case, it has been determined that no crime has been committed. The information disclosed is not covered by the Law Enforcement Network statutes and is not confidential pursuant to any other Michigan statutes. Further DFD has not officially adopted any internal policy or requirement regarding the confidentiality of CAD reports. Accordingly, the warrant request against Capt. Nevin has been denied.