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Prosecutor Kym Worthy's Statement on the MSC Ruling  on the One-Man Grand Jury
"Today in People of the State of Michigan v Nancy Peeler, et al, the Michigan Supreme Court has called into question the constitutionality of the one-man grand jury. In the coming days I will be looking at pending cases in my office that may be affected by this ruling to determine how we will proceed.

"In Wayne County we have communities that are plagued by murders, drive by shootings, and other violent crimes. The one-man-grand jury has been an important way to protect witnesses who would have never come forward for fear of deadly consequences for themselves, family members, and friends. This process has been a fair, efficient, and cost-effective way of getting a case into court for indictment. The juror is a judge well versed in the law and the process allows brave witnesses to come forward knowing that they will be safe in giving sworn testimony. The one-man- grand jury has been effectively used in some of the most violent cases in Wayne and other counties.

"It is extremely difficult for me to hear the Michigan Supreme Court asserting an intellectual argument against the one-man- grand-jury when I know that it protects people in my community that are under siege with the homicides, assaults with guns and gang wars exacting a horrible toll on families for generations to come. This has been a powerful tool to combat the "no snitch mentality" and I am disappointed and fearful for what the future will hold without this important criminal process," said Prosecutor Kym Worthy.