Prosecutor Kym Worthy has charged Theodore Paul Wafer, 54, of Dearborn Heights, Michigan in connection with the murder of Renisha McBride, 19, of Detroit. On November 2, 2013, at approximately 12:57 a.m., Renisha McBride was driving a white Ford sedan when she struck a parked car in the in the 7200 block of Bramell. McBride was observed to have blood on her body and appeared to be disoriented when she left the scene on foot.

At approximately 4:42 a.m., the police received a 911 call and were dispatched to a home in the 16800 block of West Outer Drive to respond to a fatal shooting. The police responded to the scene and observed the lifeless body of Ms. McBride in the front porch area of the defendant's house. McBride was found with a large gunshot wound to her face. It is alleged that Ms. McBride was unarmed when she was shot by the defendant as she knocked on the front screen door of the house. There were no signs of forced entry at the location.

Wafer has been charged with Second Degree Murder, which carries a penalty of any term of years up to Life in prison; Manslaughter - Death By Weapon Aimed With Intent But Without Malice, which carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison and Felony Firearm, which carries a penalty of two years mandatory consecutive.

"We have issued these charges because we believe the evidence will show that self defense was not warranted. Under Michigan law, there is no duty to retreat in your own home, however, someone who claims self defense must honestly and reasonably believe that he is in imminent danger of either losing his life or suffering great bodily harm, and that the use of deadly force is necessary to prevent that harm. This "reasonable belief" is not measured subjectively, by the standards of the individual in question, but objectively, by the standards of a reasonable person.

"Undoubtedly, there has been enormous interest in this case, but we do not make decisions in our cases based upon public opinion. We go where the facts and evidence lead us," said Prosecutor Worthy.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys Danielle Hagaman-Clark and Terry Anderson of the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office Homicide Unit will be prosecuting the case.

Wafer was arraigned on November 15, 2013 in 20th District Court in Dearborn Heights. The preliminary examination will be held on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 in the 20th District Court.

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