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In 1974, Raymond Gray was convicted of First-Degree Murder stemming from the robbery on February 6, 1973 of three women and the murder of Ruben Bryant that occurred in an apartment in Detroit. He was sentenced on March 14, 1973. Today he appeared by video on YouTube for a court hearing before Judge Margaret M. Van Houten on Case Number 73-001147-01-FC. WCPO was represented by Conviction Integrity Unit Director Valerie Newman, and Mr. Gray was represented by attorney Gabi Silver.

Mr. Gray entered a no contest plea to Second-Degree Murder with a sentence agreement of 25 to 40 years, with credit for time served of 48.2 years in the Michigan Department of Corrections. Mr. Gray is expected to be released today from the Muskegon Correctional Facility at 1:00 p.m. A no contest plea means that the defendant is not admitting guilt but will not contest the charge of the crime. He receives a conviction and accepts punishment from the judge in the case. A no contest plea cannot be used as an admission of liability in a civil case.

"Given the passage of time, the ensuing inability to substantiate the claim of innocence, eyewitness Marie Clark's trial identification testimony and her recent interview identifying Ray Gray as one of the two robbers, this is not an exoneration. However, this case does present many questions that cannot be answered," said Prosecutor Worthy. "Looking at the time Mr. Gray has been incarcerated, we agreed to allow Mr. Gray to enter a no contest plea to Second-Degree Murder with a sentence agreement to time served. We wish him well."