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Today, the Michigan Court of Appeals issued a decision which suggests that county prosecutors have the authority to enforce Michigan's archaic 1931 abortion law.

Nearly four months ago-when the draft Supreme Court decision in Dobbs was leaked-all of us issued a statement indicating that we "cannot and will not support criminalizing reproductive freedom or creating unsafe, untenable situations for health care providers and those who seek abortions in our communities."

We reaffirm that commitment today. Litigation on this issue will undoubtedly continue. We have supported Governor Whitmer's litigation efforts to guarantee the right to reproductive freedom. And we will continue to fight, in court, to protect the right to safe and legal abortion in Michigan.

In the interim, however, we reiterate that we will not use our offices' scarce resources to prosecute the exercise of reproductive freedom. Instead, as these issues continue to play out in court, we will remain focused on the prosecution of serious crimes.

We hope you will continue to stand with us as we seek to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of everyone in our communities.


Karen D. McDonald
Oakland County Prosecutor

Jeffrey S. Getting
Kalamazoo County Prosecutor

Carol A. Siemon
Ingham County Prosecutor

Matthew J. Wiese
Marquette County Prosecutor

Eli Savit
Washtenaw County Prosecutor

David Leyton
Genesee County Prosecutor

Kym L. Worthy
Wayne County Prosecutor