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Prosecutor Worthy contacted the administrative jail committee this morning and asked that Ms. Shatina Grady El be medically evaluated. The committee is comprised of medical and jail officials, Prosecutor Worthy and Judge Timothy Kenny. Judge Kenny makes the final decision regarding administrative release of prisoners. It is the position of Prosecutor Worthy that, considering the possible impact of the COVID virus and Ms. Grady El's injuries, that she be considered for an administrative jail release with a no contact provision with the complainants on her cases. Once the committee evaluated the case, Judge Kenny made the final decision to administratively release Ms. Grady.

Today it has been determined that Ms. Grady El will receive an administrative release with the condition that she have no contact with the complainants in her cases.

As a result of the release, Ms. Grady El's court hearing for a bench warrant for failing to appear in her Third Circuit Court case for Resisting and Obstructing the Police that stems from allegations in Canton, Michigan was cancelled today by Judge Qiana Lillard.