Aging Matters Education & Expo

Thursday October 17, 2019 - Phil Cavanagh, Assistant Deputy Treasurer, Forfeitures/Foreclosures, spoke on the Senior Housing Issues panel at the Detroit Area Agency on Aging (DAAA) Aging Matters Education & Expo. The purpose of the panel was to provide information to seniors at risk of being displaced from their current residence. The Senior Housing Issue's panel was moderated by Phyllis Edwards, Executive Director of Bridging Communities, Inc. The other panelists were Julie Schneider, Deputy Director, City of Detroit Housing and revitalization Department Administrative Division, Claudia Sanford, Director of Tenant Organizing, Jennifer Taylor, Parents Changing Spaces, Assistant Deputy Treasurer, Forfeitures/Foreclosures, Phil Cavanagh, and Audra Frye, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan.

Assistant Deputy Treasurer, Forfeitures/Foreclosures, Phil Cavanagh stated that the job of the Wayne County Treasurer's office is to collect taxes but also to help residents stay out of foreclosure. During the panel, he discussed the foreclosure process, interest rates, and statute. He also stated that Treasurer Sabree does not want to take homes. He also discussed payment options for taxes, including the DivDat kiosk locations, the ability to make online payments and to pay by phone. He also encouraged taxpayers to apply for programs even if they don't meet the income requirements.

The Aging Matters Expo and Education event took place at Fellowship Chapel and is designed to educate older adults, their adult children, family caregivers and service providers about resources, services, tools and critical issues to ensure aging with dignity and choice.