Detroit Caucus Members Support Wayne County Treasurer's Tax Payment Deadline Extension

Detroit Caucus Members Support Wayne County Treasurer's Tax Payment Deadline Extension and the Suspension of 2020 Foreclosures, and the 36th District Court's Moratorium on Evictions amid COVID-19 Crisis.

Mar. 16, 2020 - The Michigan House of Representatives Detroit Caucus members announced their support of Wayne County Treasurer Eric Sabree's decision to extend the tax payment deadline and Chief Judge William C. McConico's decision to issue a moratorium on Detroit's 36th District Court evictions. As businesses and schools close in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many Detroit and Wayne County residents - particularly low-income, hourly workers and other vulnerable populations - are disproportionately impacted when layoffs and loss of wages occur.

"Economically vulnerable individuals and families in our community should not have to fear losing their homes due to this pandemic," said state Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo. "We applaud Treasurer Sabree and Chief Judge McConico for their proactive decisions that will prove instrumental in supporting Detroiters and residents across Wayne County during these difficult times."

While the foreclosure deadline extension enables countless Detroit and Wayne County homeowners to remain in their homes during this unprecedented public health crisis, they also may be significantly impacted financially and unable to immediately resume their payments.

"We must expand our actions to ensure there are protections for our homeless populations, while not adding to the numbers of people that are homeless," added state Rep. Isaac Robinson. "This positive action taken today will do just that, and I'm proud to stand with my colleagues in support."

As public health officials recommend frequent hand washing to slow the spread of COVID-19, swift action must be taken to ensure all Michigan residents have access to clean water, electricity, heat and shelter.

"As this public health crisis evolves, we also must address the socioeconomic inequities in access to financial support, health care and other resources," said state Rep. Tyrone Carter. "The health and well-being of residents must be our top priority."

"Water, housing and basic life needs should be attainable and affordable for all," said state Rep. LaTanya Garrett. "I am happy to see the extension of the tax payment deadline and freeze placed on evictions to ensure those financially struggling can make ends meet while navigating times of uncertainty."