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Pay As You Stay (PAYS) may reduce the amount of delinquent taxes owed for lower income homeowners who qualify for their city's, township's, or village's Poverty Tax Exemption (PTE).

Because of the recent state of emergency, the Treasurer's Office has modified the timetable for the PAYS Program enrollment as outlined below.

  • Starting in mid-April 2020, the WCTO will begin sending letters to eligible homeowners with approved PTEs who have delinquent property taxes. They will be encouraged to enroll into a PAYS Payment Agreement (PAYSPA) or to pay the single Lump Sum payment through our website.* The website will direct them on how to:
    • pay the Reduced Amount Due in a single Lump Sum payment (includes a 10% discount), or
    • enter into and sign a PAYSPA, agreeing to make monthly payments over a 3 year period (or less in some cases).
  • PTE applicants who were not approved by their local municipality may be eligible for an Interest Reduction Stipulated Payment Agreement (IRSPA) or a Distressed Owner Occupant Extension (DOOE) payment plan with the WCTO.

For Help with the PTE application:

  • Contact UCHC (313-963-3310) or Wayne Metro (313-388-9799), or
  • Call 211 or text HELP to 85274.