Show Cause Hearings

Show Cause Hearings: Wayne County Treasurer's Office staff helps residents avoid foreclosure

By: Cameron Sanders

Throughout January, the Wayne County Treasurer's Office (WCTO) hosted Show Cause Hearings to assist homeowners at risk of property tax foreclosure. The hearings offered residents an opportunity to get into an affordable payment plan to prevent foreclosure.

"The goal is to get the foreclosure amounts down to zero foreclosures, but it's [also] to reduce overall foreclosures by giving the taxpayers what they need before it's too late," says WCTO Administrator, Anthony Cavalli.

Cavalli went on to explain that he hopes that residents can realize that there are multiple resources available to those who seek financial assistance.

"Treasurer Sabree is here to help people and not to just take their homes... we've invited all of these partners here to help," says Cavalli.

The event also hosted multiple community partners, who were also there to provide further information and assistance on tax relief. Among the partners were representatives from both DTE Energy and the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD).

There were also representatives from non-profit organizations like the New Hope Community Development, an organization that offers housing and counseling services.

"By having everyone under this umbrella, even though they are coming for property tax assistance, they may be able to get assistance from DTE to help with their water bills," says New Hope Representative, Mya Fletcher.

"My hope is that people walk away maybe a little more whole than when they came in," says DTE Representative, Latricia Cranford, "A lot of people need help, but they don't actually always know where to go to get it, so when there is an event like this, and you have all types of vendors here...that is a great thing."

The event itself received accolades from many residents in attendance for the way it was structured in addition, to helpfulness.

"My experience was just absolutely awesome. I mean, it was pleasant, it was educational, it was informative, and it helped," says Wayne County resident Annette Dumas, "And so, I applaud Mr. Sabree on the great work that he is doing and his team."

The show cause hearings took place January 15, 16, 17, and 29th. Additional meetings for January, 30, and 31st were canceled due to inclement weather. WCTO staff encourages all residents to attend Taxpayer's Assistance Saturdays taking place in February and March.

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