Wayne County Treasurer's Office Foreclosure Prevention Walk

Wayne County Treasurer's Office Prevention Walk Brings Awareness to Westland

By: Remy Cocanougher

"It is very beneficial you all came out. It's just me here, as I wait for my caregiver. I was in a bad car accident in 2016, so I am in a wheelchair. I can't come to the office, so I'm glad that you all are here. Thank you," said Westland Resident Linda Campbell. "I was unaware of my delinquent taxes."

The Wayne County Treasurer's Office (WCTO) staff went out into the Westland community on May 8th to speak to residents about their delinquent property taxes. With over 77 properties at risk of foreclosure, WCTO staff took the initiative to go out into the community and provide hope to those at risk of foreclosure by providing information to save their property." These resources are to encourage residents to call our office. We have several resources that can connect them and help them with their taxes," said Executive Assistant of Financial Services Andrew Williams.

Residents were provided with their tax statements along with a list of community partners that can assist. When speaking with taxpayers, many were shocked by WCTO staff visiting their homes. Several residents asked to see identification, and some even refused to open their doors.

"I'm current and know I need to pay down 60% on my payment plan by June. I'll call my mom today about it", said one Westland resident.

Others were pleased to see the staff in their community and enjoyed speaking with them. They accepted the flyers that were given and even gave sincere feedback to staff about the visit. Taxpayers shared personal stories about how they got behind in paying their taxes. WCTO staff members passed out a packet of flyers that contained information about DivDat kiosk locations, payment plan options, and contact information. Plus, resource programs such as foreclosure prevention and legal assistance materials were provided. For residents who weren't home, informational packets were left with contact information for the Treasurer's Office.

Soon, WCTO staff members plan to travel to Inkster, River Rouge, Highland Park, and Ecorse to continue to inform residents about foreclosure prevention resources.

If you need assistance, contact our office today. We're here to help - call (313) 224-5990 or email