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Statement by Wayne County Treasurer Eric Sabree regarding COVID-19 closure
March 16, 2020 - The Wayne County Treasurer's Office is closed to the public until further notice due to the coronavirus COVID-19 crises and our concerns for the health of our employees and taxpayers who visit our office. This crisis is affecting everyone, and we are not sure how long it will continue as it is changing daily. In light of the rapidly changing recommendations on social distancing an and the increasing economic uncertainty we are all facing , I have had to make an urgent decision to protect all the taxpayers facing foreclosure in Wayne County. Given the fact that all taxpayers will be facing economic hardships in the coming months, I have made the decision to withhold all properties from the 2020 foreclosure petition. We will continue to work with our State, Wayne County, and Local officials to ensure decisions that are made will keep the health, safety, and financial stability of taxpayers in mind.

Taxpayers must know that although the property is not facing foreclosure, delinquent taxes still must be paid. I advise taxpayers to make regular payments no matter how small and stay compliant with their payment plans. Interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance. Payments can be made online, at a DivDat kiosk, through U.S. mail, by phone, or mobile app.

The new Pay as You Stay (PAYS) program which allows tax-exempt taxpayers with delinquent taxes to eliminate interest, penalties, and fees is on schedule. In April, barring any additional closures our office will be contacting eligible applicants referred by their city or township as planned.

For information including payment options, visit the home page of the Wayne County Treasurers' website: If you have other questions, email: or call: 313-224-5990.