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Working Remotely

Note: When viewing the Knowledge Base Articles below, you may be prompted to log in with your standard Wayne County username and password.

Please see our "Working Remotely FAQ" page for answers to many common questions!

Working Remotely FAQ's

Reliable Internet Connection:

  • Wayne County recommends at least 15 Mbps download speed and 5 Mbps upload speed to avoid common internet connectivity issues. We also recommend that you connect via an ethernet cable rather than wifi when possible. You can test your network speed here:

  • Currently, there are a number of options for free or low-cost internet. Comcast is currently offering its Internet Essentials package for free for two months to low-income households ( Other providers are offering free or reduced-price options, see your internet provider for details.

Proxy Settings Documentation

Two Factor Authentication:

Wayne County uses Duo two factor authentication to keep users safe when working remotely. You will be prompted to use Duo when checking your mail remotely or when using the Wayne County VPN. Duo works best when installed on a mobile device.

See documentation on downloading and setting up Duo here:

DUO Documentation and Install Guide

Email and Calendars:

Wayne County email can be checked online through the site

More information is provided here:

Email and Calendars Documentation

Wayne County Virtual Private Network (VPN):

Use the Wayne County VPN ( access PeopleSoft or LiveLink/Document Management. A Virtual Private Network allows users to connect to certain County resources remotely as if they were on the County network.

Please Note: the Wayne County VPN only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. Please do not use Google Chrome or Firefox.

A secondary VPN connection is available at WCVPN will allow connections from all browsers as well as Mac devices. Additionally, it allows access to a virtual desktop with access to Shared Drives and JD Edwards. Please only use the WCVPN if the standard VPN ( is insufficient.

More information is provided here:

VPN Documentation

WCVPN Documentation

Virtual Desktop (VDI):

Certain County applications require the use of a Virtual Desktop. If your work requires VDI access, your supervisor will let you know.

See the following articles for more information on logging in to VDI:

VDI Access User Guide

Getting Started with VDI

Enrolling Your Device in Airwatch

Mobile Devices:

Some County applications are available on a mobile device.

See the following instructions on creating an Apple ID and changing your device password on an iPhone:

Creating an Apple ID

Changing your password on an iPhone

Get Help:

If you need assistance please contact that Wayne County Service Desk. You can report an issue online at or by email at You can also call at 313-224-5051. Please also reach out to your supervisor or department managers for additional information or questions that are specific to your department.

For more information on submitting an incident to the Service Desk, see the Knowledge Base article here:

Using Online Service Desk

If you have any other questions, please feel free to browse the Knowledge Base hosted within the online service desk (