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Children's Special Healthcare Services


The Children's Special Health Care Services Program (CSHCS) strives to enable individuals with special health care needs to have improved health outcomes and an enhanced quality of life through the appropriate use of the CSHCS system of care.

Program Description

CSHCS helps individuals under the age of 21 with chronic medical conditions. Individuals over the age of 21 diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis or certain blood clotting disorders such as Hemophilia may also qualify.

  • CSHCS covers over 2,600 conditions
  • Families of all incomes are eligible to join, including those with other health insurance
    • Some families, based on their income, pay a fee to join the program
  • CSHCS covers co-pays and deductibles related to the CSHCS covered condition(s)

Goals and Objectives

  • Program Outreach & Advocacy to families, providers and community partners
  • Assist with program eligibility determination and enrollment
  • Contact enrolled families annually
  • Assist families with navigating the health care system and locating needed resources
  • Assist young adults and their families as they transition into adulthood
  • Assist families with disease prevention and safety
  • Provide families the choice of receiving HVCW CSHCS services in the home, over the telephone or in the office

To determine CSHCS eligibility

  • Medical reports are reviewed by a Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Medical Consultant
  • The Medical Consultant will review the diagnosis, treatment plan and the severity/chronicity of the condition
For more information, contact 734-727-7088, e-mail or visit

Additional Information and Resources

  1. Family Satisfaction Questionnaire
  2. CSHCS Referral Form
  3. CSHCS Brochure | Arabic | Spanish
  4. CSHCS Family Center Brochure
  5. Children With Special Needs Fund Brochure
  6. Insurance Premium Payment Brochure
  7. CSHCS Diagnostic Referral Work Sheet
  9. Rights and Responsibilities
  10. Transition Packet
  11. Using Other Insurance with CSHCS
JoAnn Wall
(734) 727-7088