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Epidemiology & Disease Control


The purpose of the Epidemiology and Disease Controls Program is to provide disease surveillance, prevention and control services to residents and businesses in Wayne County so they can have timely and effective notifications and interventions to reduce communicable disease transmission and incidence rates.

Disease Control aims to prevent and control communicable disease in Wayne County utilizing the tools of surveillance, outbreak response, education, and preparedness activities.

  • Responsible for coordination of all disease reporting for out-Wayne County areas.
  • Individual disease investigations as mandated by law.
  • Analysis of trends and outbreaks.
  • Information provided to physicians, hospitals and the community.
  • County Department of Public Health's Animal Bite Reporting Form.

Disease Control includes biologics and vaccine distribution, HIV counseling and testing, school immunizations, bioterrorism and emergency preparedness, disease control and surveillance, tuberculosis control, sexually transmitted disease control and vaccines for children. 734-727-7078