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Wayne County Blunt Facts

Marijuana is now legal and used medically throughout Michigan, including Wayne County. Let's get blunt about medical marijuana and focus on the facts to keep everyone safe in Wayne County. Like other medication, residents need to use marijuana properly and safely to keep it from causing harm and out of the wrong hands. See the information and helpful links below to learn how.

Medical Marijuana and Pregnancy

Medical marijuana use during pregnancy is a no go! Chemicals in medical marijuana (specifically tetrahydrocannabinol, known as THC) pass through your system and can harm your baby's development - affecting your child's ability to pay attention or to learn, which can impact them their entire lives.

Medical Marijuana and Driving

Using medical marijuana while driving is dangerous. THC affects the area in the brain that controls body movements, balance, coordination, memory and judgement - all functions that are needed to drive safely! THC can slow reaction time and impair coordination and perception in case of a quick lane change or judging distance, leading to accidents causing injury or death.

Medical Marijuana and Storage

As with any medicine, medical marijuana can cause harm when used improperly or by those it's not intended for. Store marijuana out of sight and out of the reach of children. Considering marijuana is also used recreationally it is best to lock it away from those who may want to use it for non-medical purposes.