Food Service Licensing


Please be advised that at least one of our operators was contacted by telephone and asked to pay a $3 credit card fee over the phone. Food Service license fees are due by April 30, but the Food Safety Unit will not contact you by phone to request funds. The department does not accept credit card information over the telephone.

We now accept online credit card payments, but we do not initiate or solicit that payment. If you are contacted with a request for a telephone payment, please record the incoming phone number, if possible and convenient. Then contact the Food Safety Unit at 734-727-7444 or email us at

Food Service License Renewal Due - April 30th, 2018 by Mail, In-Person or Online. ** Postmark or Banking transaction date/times are verified.**

Online Application / Payment

New this year for Renewals only. Convenient, secure, paperless online application submittal. Avoid Late fees.
Forms of payment accepted: eCheck or Credit Card. Bank service fees apply: eCheck $1.00 or Credit/Debit cards 2.49% against the total payment. Please note that Online payments cannot be accepted for Change of Ownership or New Establishments.

Select the Online Renewal button below for the 2018-2019 Food Service License Renewal Process:

  • Follow Instructions to create account
  • Select Fees for payment
  • Make Payment after receiving confirmation email
  • Receive confirmation of payment
Online Renewal Application / Payment

Renewals can also be submitted by Mail or In-Person

  • Using preprinted application sent to Facility Mailing address Late March 2018
  • Review information in Sections 1-4, verify accuracy of information, pay special attention to the facility name and mailing address, make any necessary corrections. DO NOT USE THE RENEWAL FORM if there has been a Change of Ownership since last license issued. See notation below if this is the case.
  • Complete Section 5. Be sure to sign the application.
  • Prepare payment include license fee amount shown in Section 6. Submit before April 30th, 2018 Deadline.
    • By Mail - Mail application with fee, payable to Wayne County Health Department, to address on application. NOTE - Submittals mailed without payment or application will be returned.
    • In-Person - Cash, Check or Credit Card accepted at the Environmental Health office located in the East Wing (off of the Venoy Road driveway) during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Closed from 11:30am - 12:30pm for lunch.

Special Instructions

Change of Ownership - A preprinted application cannot be used and Online payment cannot be accepted this year.

Please do the following for Change of Ownership:
  • Obtain a blank "Food Service License Application" downloaded from our website or by visiting our office
  • Determine Fee amount due based on seating capacity listed in the Fee Schedule on the web page or contact the Environmental Health office at 734-727-7400, for assistance.
  • Complete all applicable parts of Sections 1-5. Be sure to sign the application, include payment and return the pre-printed renewal form should be returned along with the new application

Fee and Applications

The State of Michigan requires that foodservice establishments be licensed. Wayne County Department of Health, Veterans and Community Wellness regulates and issues licenses to foodservice facilities located within Wayne County, outside of the City of Detroit. Food Service Licenses expire on April 30th each year.

Examples of foodservice establishments operating in Wayne County include:

  • Schools
  • Rental Halls / Banquet Halls/ Service Organization Halls / Union Local Halls
  • Churches / Mosques / Temples
  • Restaurants - Full service and fast food
  • Hot Dog Carts, Food trucks
  • Fairs, Festivals, Carnivals - Standard Transitory Food Units (STFU's)
  • Bars
  • Ice Cream Shops / Smoothie Shops / Donut Shops
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Concession Stands - Schools, Sports Venues, Country Clubs, Golf Courses, Gaming Venues, etc.
  • Senior Programs
  • Community Centers
  • Movie Theatres
  • Shopping Malls
  • Airports
  • Manufacturing Plants with Cafeterias
  • Commissaries
  • Vending Machines
  • Catering Companies - Individual caterers are NOT licensed. The foodservice establishment from which they operate is licensed.
  • PRIVATE HOMES ARE NOT LICENSED OR INSPECTED - No one is ever allowed to legally prepare, serve or sell homemade potentially hazardous food products to the public. This is allowed at a private function or potluck ONLY.

Retail locations are regulated and licensed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD).

Examples of Retail establishments include:

  • Grocery Stores / Markets
  • Convenience Stores / Gas Stations
  • Bakeries

Concerns or questions related to MDARD facilities should be directed to the MDARD Call Center @ 800-292-3939