Healthcare Open Enrollment

Annual Pre-Medicare Retiree Stipend Verification

Retirees that are part of the Wayne County Retiree Stipend Program must certify annually that they continue to be eligible for a stipend. Retirees failing to respond by the given deadline will not receive a stipend payment beginning December 1, 2017 until such time as requested information is received.

  • Verification Form Mail Date: TBD (anticipated to be mid-July 2017)
  • Deadline for Responses: TBD (anticipated to be mid-September 2017)
  • Notifications and Forms:
    • 2017 Annual Stipend Verification Request Letter & Form
    • IRS 4506T Form

Active Employee Open Enrollment - ENROLLMENT CURRENTLY CLOSED

  • Annual Wage Bonus and Your HSA
  • Open Enrollment Information for Benefit-Eligible Employees -
    • Open Enrollment Period: CLOSED

    • Coverage Effective Date: January 1, 2018

Retiree Open Enrollment - ENROLLMENT NOW OPEN