The Wayne County Commission voted Nov. 5 to approve a new county credit card ordinance and strengthen the vehicle use ordinance.

Commissioner Raymond Basham, D-Taylor, initiated both measures based on the work of the county's Office of Legislative Auditor General, which works closely with the Commission's Committee on Audit, which he chairs.

"My staff and I worked with the Office of Legislative Auditor General and stakeholders from around the county for the last year on the ordinances," Commissioner Basham said. "I am proud of what we accomplished. These are two steps that provide a better accounting of taxpayers' dollars.

"It is important that we move the county forward in a more transparent and accountable manner."

Under the new credit card ordinance, department directors and elected officials can submit written requests for employees to be assigned a credit card or personal identification number to be used for county business only. Credit card use is limited to specific goods and services.

All credit card receipts and vehicle logs must be submitted to a department director, who will review the information and forward it to the county's credit card manager within 15 days of receiving the credit card statement. Transactions not supported by receipts or vehicle logs must be paid by the employee before the credit card payment is due.

The credit card manager must submit a biannual report to the Wayne County Commission.

Anyone who violates the policy is subject to disciplinary action, including a possible jail sentence of up to 90 days and/or a fine of up to $500 and termination. The strengthened vehicle ordinance covers all vehicles owned or leased by the county, regardless of what fund was used to pay for them, and requires that all signed requests for purchasing or leasing vehicles must be approved by the Commission.

Vehicles only can be used by employees who have valid Michigan driver's licenses and meet criteria based on certain job duties. Vehicles cannot be used for election campaign purposes. Anyone using a county vehicle must maintain a log with trip details and submit it monthly.

While departments can have "pool" vehicles, employees can be assigned a vehicle if they drive more than 1,000 miles per month on county business or are required to perform specialized duties, such as law enforcement.