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Dear Downriver Resident:

My colleagues and I on the Commission are continuing to work with the executive's office in approving a two-year comprehensive budget aimed at continuing the progress of the last fiscal year and seeking to strengthen the foundation for the county's long-term fiscal stability.

As chairman of the Commission's Committee on Ways and Means, I have been listening closely to the concerns of all county department heads in their quest to meet the needs of all Wayne County residents, especially those in Downriver communities. I want to commend my colleagues in asking the pertinent questions, listening closely to the responses and sharing thoughts and ideas on how to become more efficient and better serve residents and businesses throughout the county.

The budget before us is for fiscal years 2016-17 and 2017-18 and totals $1.5 billion for each year. Building on the county's fiscal stabilization, this two-year budget focuses on an empahsis in investing in public safety and technology.

This is county government working together and living up to its potential, and I am confident both sides will reach an agreement that will appropriately serve the residents of Wayne County.


Joseph Palamara
Wayne County Commissioner