Wayne County Commissioner Sam Baydoun speaks out against New Zealand attack
Wayne County Commissioners March 19 unanimously supported a statement by Commissioner Sam Baydoun (D-Dearborn) offering condolences to the people of New Zealand following this month's mosque attacks and condemning the hatred behind them.
"Thoughts and prayers are not enough anymore," Commissioner Baydoun said in calling on the commission, as well as other elected officials, to speak out against the rising tide of violence worldwide against ethnic, racial, cultural and religious minorities.
Attacks March 15 at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand left 50 worshippers dead and another 50 wounded
Commissioners also observed a moment of silence at their meeting Tuesday in honor of those who lost their lives.
The global tide of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and Xenophobia, he said, stands in contrast to Wayne County's adoption of Welcoming County and Welcoming Michigan standards that promote outreach to immigrants and refugees to break down the barriers they face in adopting to life in the U.S.
"There's no religion that can justify the killing of innocent people," Commissioner Baydoun said, adding that people must be safe to worship "in a church, a temple or a mosque."