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ALERT: Wayne County Residents With Flood Damage Should Report Damages To Their Local Communities

Wayne County residents who have experienced flood damage over the weekend should report damages to their local city or township.

Many communities have posted the necessary forms online. Use the "flood contacts" link below to find the phone number to contact your community and report flood damage. All 43 Wayne County communities are listed.


Tips for Flood Cleanup

-Take all flood-damaged household items to the curb, even it is not your schedule trash pickup day. Crews will pick it up within 7 days.

-Document all damage from the flood and any expense incurred to deal with it. Take photos of the damage.

-Submit a claim form with your local city or township. Many communities have forms on their official websites. You can also call your community at the number listed below.

-Avoid calling your local police or fire department for a flooded basement or other flood-related issues. If there is an emergency, call 9-1-1.