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April 10, 2023

County Announces Second Batch of Projects from ARPA Funds

$339 million to fund eight community submitted projects

DETROIT, MI - Today, Wayne County has announced the development projects from a second batch of funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. Included are eight community submitted projects designed to bring development to several cities across the county.

An investment of $339 million in human infrastructure covers development under the categories of public spaces, workforce development, housing/education, health, economic recovery, and infrastructure.

Batch 2 Community Submitted ARPA Projects include:

· Southgate Tower Park and Pedestrian Bridge - Southgate, Michigan - total cost: $54,800,000 - Wayne County Contribution: $5,000,000

· Wyandotte Capital Improvements and Infrastructure Project - Wyandotte - total cost: $13,302, 928 - Wayne County Contribution: $3,950,00

· Centennial Community Plaza - River Rouge - total cost: $325,000 - Wayne County Contribution: $275,000

· Melvindale Kessey Fieldhouse Capital Improvements - Melvindale - total cost: $4,344,721 - Wayne County Contribution: $2,000,000

· Huron Charter Township Downtown Development Project - Huron Township - total cost: $5,375,000 - Wayne County Contribution: $275,000

· Redford Recreation and Wellness Center - Redford Township - total cost: $19,533, 433 - Wayne County Contribution: $6,500,000

· Cherry Hill Village - Canton Township - total cost: $9,500,00 - Wayne County Contribution: $4,750,000

· The Garden City Community Center - Garden City - total cost: $5,000,000 - Wayne County Contribution: $4,000,000

Additionally, Batch 2 ARPA funds include six internal Department Submitted Projects:

· Wayne County Landbank - Blighted Property Demolition Program - Wayne County Contribution: $7.5M

· North Branch Ecorse Creek Drain Maintenance - North Branch Ecorse Creek Drainage District - Wayne County Contribution: $10M

· Wayne County Parks Division - Redevelopment of Wayne County Parks - Wayne County Contribution: $10M

· Freedom Village Inkster - Community Development Block Grant Division - Wayne County Contribution: $3M

· Economic Development Department - Small Business Program - Wayne County Contribution: $20M

· Department of Health, Human and Veteran Services - Health Department Special Programs Team - Wayne County Contribution: $1.3M

This comes as the Wayne County Executive delivered his State of the County address in March highlighting the push toward economic development and its importance to the future of the county.

"Thanks to the financial contribution of these ARPA funds, we are able to invest in projects that will revitalize and beautify our communities," said Executive Evans. "To see the progress we are making and our strides toward a more economically sound Wayne County, I am excited and proud of what's happening and what's to come."