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Strong fiscal leadership enables to County to live within its means, deliver services despite economic challenges created by the global COVID-19 pandemic during 2020-21 fiscal year

DETROIT - The Wayne County Commission unanimously approved a $1.66 billion budget for the 2020-21 fiscal year submitted by Executive Warren C. Evans Wednesday. The budget, which is the sixth straight balanced budget for Wayne County, is roughly $260 million smaller than the previous budget because of projected revenue decreases largely caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I want to thank the County Commission for their constructive partnership in this difficult, but necessary budget process," said Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans. "A year ago, I don't think anyone could have predicted a global pandemic impacting our budget quite like this. However, we are able to handle this challenge because Wayne County has been living within its means and preparing for a rainy day."

The budget accommodates projected reductions including $37.7 million in general fund tax revenue, $12.2 million in revenue sharing, and nearly $1 million in parks millage revenue. Measures taken to offset revenue shortfalls include a hiring freeze and limiting any salary increases to only those agreed to in prior collective bargaining agreements.

The budget does include $24.8 million in one-time CARES Act money to assist with COVID-19 relief programs.

"We remain committed to investing in efforts to help support small business, increase testing, and ensure our residents can safely get back to work," said Evans. "Good government is about people helping people and our fiscal discipline has allowed us to continue helping residents and, through our Back To Work program, helping local businesses make it through this pandemic."

Since taking office in 2015, the Evans Administration has delivered consistent balanced budgets and Wall Street ratings agencies have upgraded Wayne County's credit to investment grade.