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Executive Warren C. Evans: Jorge Garcia Deportation Is Look-In-The-Mirror Moment For Nation

"The news of Jorge Garcia's deportation is heartbreaking. Jorge, a Lincoln Park resident, was brought to this country as a child. As an American, he has worked hard, raised a family, and been an exemplary member of our community. Jorge's deportation separates him from his wife and young children, who were born in the United States and are citizens.

"Immigration policy is a contentious issue and we must all be respectful of differing viewpoints. However, we must also remember how policy impacts real people, including our neighbors. Our immigration policy should not separate fathers from their children. We cannot put politics above people.

"Immigration has always served as one of the defining elements of American success. It is also essential to building a 21st century America that the world looks to for leadership. Diversity is our strength and must continue to be if we want to be our best.

This is a look-in-the-mirror moment for our nation. I hope our elected federal leadership rights this tragic wrong and allows Jorge to return to his family." -- Warren C. Evans, Wayne County Executive