Fenton Colthrop: June Volunteer of the Month

For 93-year-old Fenton Colthrop, Fridays are the days he has been looking forward to for close to 20 years since 2001. As a volunteer for the Meals On Wheels program in Riverview, Colthrop says he likes meeting new people and maintaining old friendships as he makes his weekly rounds delivering warm meals to homebound seniors.

When asked what he likes about volunteering for Meals On Wheels, Colthrop said, "Meeting people. Greeting 'em, seeing 'em. People I've known for years, like one mother of a Boy Scout in a troop that I started back in 1960."

Colthrop said he moved to Riverview in 1955 because of the affordable housing prices.

"I could afford the $5 down," he said.

Kathy Callaway, the former site manager at the Riverview Community Center Meals On Wheels location who nominated Colthrop for Wayne County Senior Volunteer of the Month, said she did so because of his steady commitment to volunteering and doing whatever he can over and above what is required.

"Fenton has been with the program volunteering since it first began, I believe, here in Riverview. Fenton loves to golf and bowl in his time away from Meals On Wheels. Anytime a fill-in driver is needed, Fenton is always willing to step up and help," said Callaway. "Fenton is also very active in his church. Many of our home delivery clients know Fenton from the church. At 93, he has the kindest heart, a very special person. I really love to work with all our volunteers, but Fridays are special."

When asked what made him decide to start volunteering, Colthrop laughed.

"My neighbor said 'you're not doing anything and they needed me'," he said.

But he doesn't regret the decision at all.

"You meet a lot of nice people. Both the people that are managers and the people you meet at their homes," he said.

Are they glad to see you?

"I hope so, because I'm glad to see them."