Volunteer of the Month: Gordon Kerr

Gordon Kerr can be a man of few words, and he definitely isn't one to blow his own horn. But Gordon Kerr has volunteered for Wayne County's Meals On Wheels program for 26 years. For 26 years, without interruption, Mr. Kerr has taken time out of his life to deliver hot meals to homebound seniors in his community.

That is the kind of quiet dedication worthy of recognition. When asked why he decided to become a volunteer, his response was simple but telling:

"I retired at 59 to take care of my handicapped son. Because everything he was doing in his program wasn't going right."

And that is also when he decided to volunteer to help take care of homebound seniors.

Now 85 years of age, Mr. Kerr happens to be a senior himself. So what does he like about volunteering?

"You just do it."

How much longer does he plan on volunteering?

"As long as I'm able to."

Eva Dotson, site supervisor at the Kennedy Memorial Building where the Lincoln Park Meals On Wheels and Senior Luncheon Center is located, recommended Mr. Kerr as a Volunteer of the Month because of his consistent commitment.

""He will do for me extra if I need him. He is also there for me anytime!" she said.

A man of few words, but a lot of heart and commitment.