Wayne County taking proactive steps to market Pinnacle Race Track site, should foreclosure occur

Request for Qualifications seeks redevelopment plan, offers for purchase

Today, Wayne County in partnership with Huron Township issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQu) for the development of property including the Pinnacle site, located in Huron Township. The property is approximately 650 contiguous acres located one mile south of Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The County owns approximately 350 of the acres, while the other approximately 300 acres are currently privately owned yet could face foreclosure from the County Treasurer's office due to unpaid property taxes.

"We know the challenges, we know the history, and we are under no illusions that this is anything but an uphill climb," said Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans. "We are working with Huron Township and the rest of our partners and hope we can spark some interest in the property. Doing nothing on such a large piece of land is not an option."

The property is bordered by Pennsylvania, Wayne, Sibley and Vining roads. Possible mixed use development of the site includes light industrial/manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, research and development, office, commercial, retail or entertainment/lodging.

In 2016, structures and debris on the 300 acre-site, which used to house the Pinnacle Race Course, were razed or removed following an agreement between the County and the property's owner to clear the site to address any nuisance on the property.

Due to unpaid taxes, the privately owned acreage (approximately 300 acres) could end up in tax foreclosure this spring, prompting today's action by the County, which is working with Huron Township, Aerotropolis, the Wayne County Land Bank and the Treasurer's Office on the effort to market the property.

"A number of outcomes are still possible with this property, but should it be foreclosed upon, we need to know if there's a market for it," said Assistant Wayne County Executive Khalil Rahal. "This property serves as the gateway to Huron Township and it's in the best interest of the local community, Wayne County and the region to try and put it back into productive use."

Developers responding to the RFQu are asked to provide a comprehensive redevelopment vision of the property, describing future uses as well as outlining the development team and timeline. Responses are due by 3:30 EST on March 15, 2019. Any potential sale would need to be approved by the Wayne County Commission.