Wayne County Worker Wednesday: Keith Donaldson
NAME: Keith Donaldson
DEPARTMENT: Engineering, Asphalt Lab
PROJECT MANAGER: Elizabeth Taylor

"Keith Donaldson, DM3 in Asphalt Lab is being recognized for his dedicated service. For the past year, Keith has spearheaded the effort to get our Asphalt Laboratory AASHTO accredited, all while continuing to perform his other job duties. Our Concrete Laboratory has held AASHTO accreditation since 2003, but our Asphalt Lab has never participated in the accreditation processes. As part of that process, Keith recently submitted test results for Wayne County's first asphalt proficiency analysis and scored 5 out of 5. These high-marks are proof of what all of us at Wayne County, MDOT and the industry already know, that our lab testing is "top notch". Adding this accreditation to Wayne County's resume continues to validate our internal Quality Management System."

--Elizabeth Taylor