Wayne County Worker Wednesday: Ryan McCullough
NAME: Ryan McCullough
PROJECT MANAGER: Alicia Bradford

"Ryan McCullough from the Wayne County Parks division is being recognized by his leadership team as he has demonstrated the desire to learn, contributed to our maintenance operation and is committed to his professional advancement within the division. Since joining Wayne County, Ryan has always showed he is a hard worker, responsible, and dedicated to serve the patrons that enjoy Wayne County Parks.

"An example of this is, on September 21, 2018 when Ryan went through the County-sponsored Lift License Training Session. When he received his Lift License, Ryan approached management and expressed an interest in being involved in operating the bucket lift as it assists with the Lightfest display setup. He wanted to get as many hours as possible to improve his bucket lifting skills. Further, to advance his employment status, Ryan is also seeking to attain his CDL driver's license. Having a talented young man such as Ryan McCoullgh improves Wayne County Public Service today and hopefully for years to come."

--Alicia Bradford